It is vital that your festival runs with as few problems as possible. We completely understand this, which is why our power generators are fully maintained and tested, and to date, have never failed.

Our event power generators are:

  • EVENT ONLY generators – This means they have never been near a construction or building site, and therefore will not come to you covered in concrete, or looking battered and bruised.
  • FULLY SYNCHRONISED – This allows them to load share where needed. If one fails (or falters) the other generator can pick up the power. Alternatively they can run in tandem, giving you twice the power.
  • PHASE LOADED – When hiring generators for your festival, knowledge is crucial. All our generators can be phase loaded, meaning we can provide different power to different areas (for example, catering and lighting).
  • ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY – We can provide bio- generators allowing you to offset your carbon footprint. By regularly changing our generator filters and keeping them tested so that they perform to their absolute optimum level, this means that you are NOT using additional energy that should not be needed. A poor performing generator could use more power than is necessary, therefore increasing your carbon footprint.

Our festival generator hire team  provide:

  • Delivery & Collection of the generators.
  • All cabling requirements.
  • Set up and installation.
  • Distribution Boards.
  • Telescopic Lighting Towers.
  • Strip Lighting (for catering tents).
  • ON SITE man power.
  • Full generator monitoring.
  • 24 Hour, 7 Days per week FULL support.

We look to build long term relationships with our clients, so that we can learn exactly what your requirements are. Once we have provided you with your festival power for one event, we are able to take the data from our generators and make any recommended changes the next time you stage the same event. This ensures you are paying for the exact power generators you need, and if we feel that the data says you require less generators next time, then this is what we will recommend.

To find out more from our festival generator hire team, please call us on 01522 778899. Alternatively, please complete either our contact form , or our quote request form.

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